Bimbo Racer electric pedal car body Ferrari Michelotti

You are bidding on the body of a Bimbo Racer electric car imported from Italy. The car design has been credited to Ferrari designer Giovanni Michelotti and was was first built in Italy around 1956. The body is approx 63" long by 26" wide and will accomodate a small to average size adult sitting down. I originally bought this body to turn it into a vintage sidecare for an Aermacchi motorcycle I own. While watching "CHASING CLASSIC CARS" on the discovery channel they featured a restoration of a similar Bimbo Racer. I would now rather sell the body to someone who could restore or display it, vs. modifying it as originally planned.

Value: I'm not sure what the body is worth, I have seen recent auction results of the complete cars. A fully restored Bimbo Racer sold for $17,843 at Bonhams. Another one sold for $6,325 in an RM Auction. My reserve is no where near even the lowest price, these are just shared to show you what the auction prices are for restored Bimbo Racers.

There are some parts available on the web, like badges, and with some additional searching you can find similar or reproduction wheels from pedal cars of that era. The original motors were car starters powered by an automotive battery and would be easy to source.

Condition: The car body overall is in really solid condition for an older piece. It
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