Binary Arts Brain Teaser Lot Topspin, Switchback, Backspin Car Travel Homeschool

Large Binary Arts Brain Teaser Lot
This lot is in excellent pre-owned condition
The lot included Switchback, Backspin, Topspin, 2 Rubik's cubes- one brand name the other unsure plus it is different with a hole in the center. Also included is Brick to Brick by Binary Arts- this game has 60 challenging puzzles- it is complete and in very good condition. The last toy is some sort of puzzle but unsure of the brand or how it works. Only 2 come with instructions- most of them it is pretty easy to see what the goal is- just hard to reach the goals!
All but the Brick to Brick brainteaser challenges are self contained which make them perfect for car travel (no losing pieces) or anywhere you have to wait (Dr. office, restaurants). Perfect for homeschoolers who may not have introduced electronics yet!
I am cleaning out our homeschooling game closet so check to see what I have listed including educational card games etc..
*I try to give a very accurate description of all items listed, but please feel free to ask questions if you need additional information. *I purchase the toys I sell from a variety of sources~ some new and some used. I am very sensitive to smoke and will always post if it has any smoke odor. I do not know if the items were from households with pets if the item is used. My home is smoke & pet
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