Bing Crosby 8x10 Photo 20 Edgar Bergen Charlie McCarthy

You are bidding on an 8x10 photograph of Bing Crosby. It is printed by a professional photo lab with either a soft gloss matte or high gloss finish and comes as shown (minus the watermark of course). Depending on the cropping that the photo lab does, there may be up to a half inch border on two sides to maintain the full frame of the image.

Shipping is free on the photos being sent to locations within the USA. International shipping is $8.00 for up to four photos. It will be raised to $12.00 for anything between five and 10 photos. Anything over 10 photos shipping outside of the U.S. will automatically be raised to the $25.00 Priority International rate that the US Postal Service raised their rates to. If it helps any, each Priority Mail envelope can hold up to 50 8x10 photos. Payment is due within seven days of the auction closing. Shipping can be combined on multiple wins but may be higher if the items won are larger and require different packaging to be used. Thank you.