BINGHAM'S BEST BRAND 26" HAND SAW Cleveland Ohio Super!


The W. Bingham Hardware Co. was established in 1841 in Cleveland, Ohio. They specified products from the most established manufacturers and also carried their products. Bingham had their own brand of products which also carried varied names according to quality of product. BBB or Bingham's Best Brand was their best quality as the name implies.

This saw resembles a Disston D-20 Ship Pattern saw. In fact in a 1918 Bingham catalog they have a BBB Ship Pattern saw listed that looks like this one. This is a light weight sway back narrow saw with an extra carved wheat pattern Apple wood handle, which is in perfect condition. The opening is large for the hand that was common during WWI. The saw is in exceptional condition. You can tell that from the pictures. If you need more pictures let me know.

The saw measures 2" at the tip and 6 3/4" at the heel. It is 26" long and weighs only 1 3/4 lbs. T is one slight dent in the inscription on the saw. It shows in the photo. This saw is a scarce item to say the least, plus being in such great condition. It is very sharp. A little cleaning on your part and you'll have yourself a nice attractive scarce saw. You should notice in the picture of the reverse side that the original finish still exists.

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