Birch Bark Makuk - Blueberry Basket - Signed & Numbered

Beautiful - very well made birch bark basket. This basket is one of many of my mothers Indian basket collection. She made a great effort to locate the artist and get the history.
This basket was made by Delores Boyer from Duluth Minnesota. There is a hand written note on birch bark from Delores to my mother. It explains how she learned the art of basket making at the Indian Reservation in Bayfield Wisconsin. She herself is non- native (100% Swedish). She explains how she uses raffia - a South American swamp grass. Native Americans use spruce roots for lacing. Delores would be around 62 years old at this time.
The tag say Blueberry Basket Delores Boyer Duluth 1981. On the bottom of the basket is the artist signature - the date 8/81 and No. 20-81.
These baskets - (Makuk) - containers - were made and used by the Indians around the Great Lakes and Canada.
This basket is 8" tall and 8 1/2" wide. The mouth is 6 3/4" wide by 5". The base is 8" long by 7" wide.
It is in excellent shape. The stiching is intact. The bark is not damaged anywhere.
Please ask questions - I of course will include the hand written note by the artist.