BISBEE BLUE! Extraordinary Rare Large 406ct. Turquoise Nugget Specimen Rough @

About this item(s): As rare as it gets for genuine smokey Bisbee Blue Turquoise. Forget the onslaught of fake Chinese "Bisbee" turquoise being sold on auction sites. We have worked in Bisbee for over 40 years and know genuine Bisbee Turquoise and the value. The fake stuff often sells for low prices as buyers do not know they are getting ripped off. Read the feedbacks of experienced buyers on questionable items to understand what we are saying. Now back to regular programming.... Stunning 1.5" tall mesmerizing deep blue specimen. Fit for a king or a collector who wants to have the best top-shelf specimen out there. Nuggets this large are simply never up for sale as most have been cut for jewelry or sit in museums. From a 2015 Bisbee, AZ private estate. Hard to sell this one as it's a mind-blowing specimen in our shop's cabinet. Someone suggested placing it on a custom gold stand. A once in a lifetime find. Will be shipped for free in the US with full insurance and tracking. Measures about 1.58" x 1.54" x 1.51." All sales are final on this rare item.
Slab and Rough Warranty: Please note that all slabs, rough and cabs can have unforeseen or undetectable weaknesses including hidden cracks and soft / weak areas. Edges and corners can also have hidden weaknesses and often produce crumbs or small fractures while shipping or handling.
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