K * R bisque 126 20" tlc. but okay. antique doll . reasonable condition

here is a 20 inc K*R 126. she is all original, as in her eyes, wig, body and head. she could do with a little more tlc, but all in all she is okay considering. she does have a little damage , but this is under her wig, and cannot be seen, she has at some time, had a piece out of the side of her head, of about 3 inches long and about an inch high. you cannot see the join, which is why it does not show up clearly on the photos. it is above her eyeand a little over the forehead and goes around to the top of her ear, at the crown of her head. it is hard to describe, the break is so fine, and there are no pieces missing and the break has been re-inforced inside the head. she has her original wig, 2 teeth and a felt tongue. her body is original to the doll, and could perhaps do with a little tlc here and there especially on her body , but in general is in an acceptable old condition, but not mint or perfect. she is a nice doll, and hopefully her price reflects her damage. she is dressed in a long christening gown, and comes with a little vintage cardigan and socks.she does ave a couple of dirty marks on a head seam..probably original firing marks. any questions please ask and thank you for looking . please be aware, as stated she is not perfect.