Bisque Porcelain from Paris 18th-19th centuries

Bisque Porcelain from Paris 18th-19th centuries
This is a hardcover book with 332 full color pages with great illustrations that presents the French
bisque porcelain from Paris called in France biscuits, from the mid-18th century to the late 19th century.
To bisque porcelain from Paris are often associated with great names of porcelain manufacturers,
such as Gu�rhard, Dihl, Gille jeune Desprez and Nast.
Spectacular clocks, gigantic statues, busts of human scale, these figures or groups in porcelain
unglazed are relatively unknown yet; imagine them white, but they can be blue, black, gold or polychrome.
The bisque porcelain from Paris is very popular among amateurs as prestigious as George Washington and the Prince Regent of England.
After a presentation of the origins of porcelain and manufacturing techniques, the author leads us to
the heart of the bustling life of thirty-one manufactures of the 18th and 19th centuries, focusing almost
focusing closely to the work of workers, artists and investors, as well as general economic conditions.
Observing the radiation of Parisian manufactories in Europe and France, the author also measured
provincial and foreign competition. A thorough analysis of shapes, colors, and association of bisque porcelain with bronze,
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