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ONE Bitcoins (1.00 BTC)

You are buying 1 Bitcoin (BTC), to be sent to a bitcoin wallet. Bitcoins are the world's first global anonymous digital currency. They can be used for trade, paying for services, or kept for value. Conversion back to cash is also simple in almost any country. They are recently being accepted as mainstream currency .

You can use Bitcoin in many ways and for many reasons :

Secure - Secure cryptography allows you to transact with the security of a bank, with no bank! Anonymous - No one knows the owner of any given wallet, so you are free to transact with people who you do not want to have any of your personal details or credit card information. Open - It's Open Source! No one owns it. No middle-men or central authorities with which to contend. Free - Transactions are free (with an optional fee to ensure quick transactions). No banks or middle-men to charge you for a wire transfer or other complicated method of exchanging funds.

Requirements for ordering :
Due to the nature of bitcoins, some requirements must be observed before bidding:

1. Buyer must have a verified Paypal account . All addresses on file with eBay and PayPal must match.

2. Any transaction that is believed to be fraudulent will be cancelled and payment will be refunded.

The buying process
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