Bitty Baby Doll Clothes DOLL DREAMS SALE Close-Outs LOT B 10 Outfits Plus Extras

I have been designing and sewing doll clothing with my DOLL DREAMS label for 33 years, selling mostly to doll and toy stores.

I am reducing some inventory items - so SALE, SALE. I have a limited number of these sale items.

These clothes will fit Bitty Baby (15-18") or other similar size dolls.

This sale is for the 10 outfits shown, slippers, diapers, and the bootees. These are new items, made of good quality fabrics, well-made, hand-crafted in the USA -- so this is quite a good price. I have a limited number of this lot for sale.

SUBSTITUTIONS - I now have to substitute on three of the items, as I am now almost out of the exact ones shown. But the subs will be just as nice. I am sure you will like them.

Items are not packaged. We have a no-smoker, no-pet environment. I can get this lot in a 12x12x7 Priority Mail box, which seems the best way to ship this.

Not recommended for children under 3.