BLACK AMETHYST... 35+ PIECES...MT. PLEASANT GLASSWARE...L.E. SMITH. True Depression!! ALL pieces are chips, no cracks, no scars, or no flea bites.

Includes: 6 8" luncheon plates

6 sherbets

6 cups

11 saucers/sherbet plates

creamer and sugar

2 candlesticks

2 9" sandwich plates with handles

In addition: 2 tumblers, 5 1/4" high, 1 sherbet, 2 1/4" high. That would be a total of 38 pieces. I also have some with small chips--one a tumbler, with small chip, and one tumbler chip on the bottom on the petal shaped; one sherbet that has one small chip, and a Mt.Pleasant cup with a very, very small chip on the top. (You may want them, or I'll throw away the chips!)

If you are not familiar with Black Glass (Amethyst style), it looks like a black glass; BUT if you hold it up to a window, it is a gorgeous deep purple color.

I will pack it in two boxes. I'll pack it up, and let you know---the exact price---probably between $25-$30. It is beautiful!!