Black eGo-T 510 Shisha Pen (Rechargeable)

Our lastest arrival is the Electronic Shisha Pen, which provides all the taste of a shisha pipe, all in a small pen. Many flavours can be used with the Shisha Pen such as apple, strawberry, blueberry, tobacco and many more. This pen is versatile in that it can be used as a shisha pen but can also be used to quit smoking. There are many flavours available to use with this pen, one of which is tobacco. Smokers can buy this flavour, which can contain nicotine. This can help them reduce the amount of cigarettes they smoke and save on cost. A 10ml of e-liquid is equivalent to 120-150 cigarettes. Reasons to buy
Helps quit smoking
Great tasting flavour
No Tar or Nicotine or any other harmful chemicals
No Smelly clothes or breath
How To Use
1. The shisha pen device itself consists of three parts. The smoking tip, the glass flavour tube and the battery.
2. Before using this product you should charge the battery for up to 4 hours.
3. To insert the flavour liquid into the glass tube, unscrew the black smoking tip and pour the juice inside the glass tube. Please ensure no liquid enters the white centre part.
4. Screw the smoking tip back on again to prevent any leakages.
5. Finally, attach the battery to the tube.
6. In order to smoke the pen you must hold the button and simply inhale
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