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Unearthed from an elderly woman's estate. Because of the trees I believe this is a Black Forest nativity set. It is all wood and hand carved. It has a music box on the back with the words Stille Nacht which I believe is silent night. The box has been wound too tight and I am afraid to wind it anymore. So I am not sure if it works at all. As you can clearly see in the photographs of the original shipping label, it was bought in Gemany for 100- .in 1960. I would like to say it is in perfect condition but as you can clearly see the angel high in the manger had something in it's hands and is now missing. T is a north star that was loose in the box that the angel could have been holding, but I am not sure. T is also a small piece of wood chipped off on the right side of the roof just above the angels head. It comes in the original box it was shipped from Germany to Chicago in 1960. The very sturdy box has a flange at the bottom that locks the whole nativity set in it's place. I will also fill it with popcorn before shipping. I am sure this is a very rare hard to find nativity set. The invoice states: Madonna, holzgeschnitzt Geschenksendungohne Handelswert.
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