Black Gold Cop Police Policeman Breeches Pants

These are in excellent condition! Little to no signs of wear!

They are a very solid black color- NOT faded!

You are bidding on a pair of black Military / Biker / cop / Policeman's breeches / pants that I believe are polyester. They have some stretch to them....T is no tag indicating content, but the tag says dry clean only.

They have a gold stripe going down the sides. Total width of the stripe is 1 3/8".

Made by the (and says on the tag:) PETER JAY CO. New York USA POLICE & MILITARY CLOTHING RIDING APPAREL Uniforms Riding Apparel

These must be cropped pants for wearing with boots because the inseam is 26"... the waist is 40. The bottom is narrow and split with a velcro closure to keep them tight around your leg and inside your Chippewas, Dehner or Wesco Motor Patrol Boots.

T is about 5 additional inches in the waist that can be let out..

The front has no pleats and a hook closure, a rubberized waistband which keeps your shirt tucked in and prevents rollover. They have a brass zipper, 7 belt loops, no front pockets, two rear pockets, one with a button. Reinforced in the knee and rear.