Black Leatherman Rebar Mutli-Tool Pocket Knife Pliers Folding Blade

One Month of Perfect Transactions!!!
Hi! For the rest of 2016, several colleagues and I have challenged each other to maintaining flawless transactions. This means I: 1. am adding free gifts to every package sent. 2. am responding to every message in 12 hours or less 3. am going above and beyond to make you walk away happy
Don't do anything until you talk to me! I will make you happy!
This Auction: This auction is for a previously owned Black Leatherman Rebar Multi-Tool. I think of this tool as "the sturdiest thin tool." Basically, I mean that it's the size of a PST or Kick but has a really substantial feel like you're holding a MUT or OHT.
The first photo is a stock photo. The other pictures are of the actual tool you will receive. The joints all function smoothly. Please examine the photos carefully so you know exactly what you are buying.
If you're willing to leave great stars (for great service), then I'm happy to ship you this lot for as cheap as you can get it.