Conjure Times: Black Magicians in America
by Jim Haskins and Kathleen Benson
Hardcover, dust jacket, 5 3/4" x 8 1/2", 174 pages, new and in mint condition.

Magic as entertainment thrills and excites modern audiences and enjoys widespread popularity, with large-venue performances and big-budget television specials. For America's black magicians, however, their uncommon story has long been shrouded in the mists of the past.

Throughout United States history, black magicians have achieved great skill in many eras and on many stages. However, because of slavery and, later, racial segregation and discrimination, few have ever been able to make their living as magicians. Those who have succeeded are rare indeed. Fewer still left a mark on history and many exist only as names on old playbills or in newspaper advertisements.

Uncovered at last is a unique aspect of the African-American cultural experience. Conjure Times is an illuminating portrait of these unheralded pioneers and a tribute to African-Americans who paved the way for, and will inspire, future generations.


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Pearl Bailey * "Balducci Levitation" * "The Ballad of the Red-Headed Queen" * Frederick Bancroft * Wilmont Barclay * Barnum & Bailey Circus * The Battle of the Nile * Martin Beck * Bell Atlantic * Belle of Darktown * Benedict College * Jack Benny * Irving Berlin * Big Apple Circus, Clown Care Unit of * Bijou Theatre, Nashville * Billy Kersands Minstrels * "Blackface" makeup * Black Herman * Black Herman Mail Order Course of Graduated Lessons in the Art of Magic * Black magicians * Black Patti Company * Black Richard Ring * Black Star Line * David Blaine * Alfonso Blake * A Bogus Prince * "Boomskys" * Professor J. T. Boston * Boston's Merry Musicians * Bowery Bar, New York City * Bozo the Clown * Breakfast in Hollywood * Frank Brents * "Broomstick Suspension" * Miss Annie Brown * Brown, Henry "Box" (shipment to freedom) * Madame Brown * Nancy Brown * David Brush * Burger King * "Buried Alive" stunt * Red Buttons

Cafe Tabac, New York City * James Cagney * Canadian-Australian Royal Mail Steamship Company * Canon * Canwn * Captain Kangaroo * Card tricks * William Carl * Carriage Health Care Center, Nashville * Johnny Carson * Samuel Carteell * Castle Square Theater, Boston * Catskill Mountain resorts * CBS-TV * "Chalk-talk" * Chautauqua circuit * Chautauqua Summer Assembly * Churches and schools, black' magicians performing at * Churchill Club, London * Circuses, magicians in * Civil rights movement * Civil War * Alma Clark * Marcellus R. Clark * Clark Street Museum, Chicago * The Clipper * Close-up magic * "Cold-reading" * Bob Cole * Colored Vaudeville Benevolent Association * Columbian Museum, Boston * Concert Hall, Boston * Conjurer's Magazine * Conjuror's Journal: Excerpts from the Journal of Joshua Medley (Shine) * Connecticut Lottery * Conoco Products * Constitution, U.S. (amendments guaranteeing equal rights to blacks, Thirteenth Amendment to) * "Coon songs" * Corporate Shuffle * Corporate-trade-show magic * Cotton Belt Jubilee Singers * Creole Company * M.B. Curtis * "Cutting a Girl in Two with Ropes"

Daddy Jim Crow * Daffy's * Vic Damone * Darkest America Company * "David Blaine: Street Magic" * David Nixon Show * Sammy Davis Jr. * Dom Deluise * "Deluxe Card Castle" * Robert De Niro * Discrimination * Frederick Douglass * Dove * Dove acts * Arthur Dowling * "Duc...

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