Black Man Tijuana Mexico Reuban the Guide Postcard 1902

I am selling a postcard featuring insets of Reuban the Guide, Custom House. and two other views of Tijuana, Mexico. At the bottom, Tijuana is misspelled "Tia Juana". This is an early undivided postcard as you can see. Reuban the Guide was a jovial black man who was widely known in the Tijuana and San Diego area. Reuban, his last name see to have been lost over time, conducted tourist parties around the above mentioned areas. He is given credit for embellishing the fiction of a murder at "The Old Spanish Lighthouse" of San Diego. The Old Lighthouse, as it is called today, was built by the U.S. in 1854-55 and not by the Spanish. The card is in very good condition. Thank you for your interest.