Black Mr & Mrs Santa Claus Animated 24" tall & Musical!


What a fun addition to your holiday decor! These two did not originate together, but now that they have met they have to stay together! Santa is 24" tall and stands on a base labeled NOEL. His arm and head move when the animation switch is turned on. He wears the traditional red santa suit trimmed in white with a black belt and boots. His mittens are green to match the bag of gaily wrapped packages he carries over his shoulder. He also holds a candle. Squeeze Santa's hand and he greets you with Merry Christmas! This Christmas display figure also plays your favorite Christmas Carols and is equipped with volume control. So much entertainment in just one piece!

But wait! T's more!! Mrs. Santa Claus joins Santa dressed in a beautiful red sweater, poinsettia skirt, and white apron. She is getting ready to decorate for the holidays and is carrying festive green garland in her apron. Her silken white hair is tied up in a bun with a red bow. She nods her head sweetly and raises her arms.

Mrs. Claus is powered by electricity. Santa's animation is powered by electricity and his voice and musical carols require 2 C-size batteries. Both figures have original tags and Santa has his original box (Holiday Creations). Mrs. Santa's box (Telco - The Original Motion-ettes of Christmas)
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