My uncle that used to manage Gilley's on Music Row in Nashville Tennessee recently died after years in the entertainment business. He collected everything and he left me tons of his past God bless him! I went through everything and I have put together a collection to keep for my son, and this is what I am selling.

Up for auction is a THE WORLD FAMOUS "BLACK POODLE" NIGHT CLUB SIGN IN WORLD FAMOUS PRINTERS ALLEY IN NASHVILLE TENNESSEE . It measures 31 3/4 inches by 5 1/2 inches. Appears to be made of a plywood back and wood letters. It was hanging over the front door of the Poodle for almost 40 years it closed in I understand 1987 and the owner of the Classic Cat sublet the club and changed it to the "PINK POODLE"The Pink Poodle only lasted til 1991. My uncle got the sign from Skull in 1987 and it hang in Gilley's Nashville.

The Black Poodle, a club with a reputation as a tastefully choreographed and costumed ''exotic dancer'' spot. The Black Poodle's best-known performer went by the stage name Heaven Lee (the blond pictured below)The former owner of the black Poodle " David ''Skull'' Schulman, of Hee Haw fame, owned the Skulls Rainbow Room also on Printers Alley and He was murdered in January 1998 in the Rainbow Room.

The Poodle closed in 87 after decades, and is now the Fiddle and Steel Guitar bar at 21
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