This is an antique "JAMES DIXON & SONS SHEFFIELD", shot flask. The Dixons were Silversmiths, and metal workers from 1802 through 1920. The original items from 1802 through 1840 were marked J.DIXON. Then the son of James Dixon took over the company, and stamped their wares as, JAMES DIXON & SONS SHEFFIELD.THis went until the 1880's and the company name was changed again to JOHN DIXON until the company folded in 1920. So this flask charger was made between 1840 and 1880.

Most shot chargers are made from brass, but Dixon made some of his flasks in "STEEL". This one is steel, and is marked with the Dixon logo.

James Dixon also provided "3" shot increments instead of only "2". This flask has the three.....1 oz..1-1/8 oz.. and ..1-1/4 oz. The charger head threads on and off for shot loading. This one is a bit larger than usual, and will hold well over 2 pounds of shot.

The pouch, I made from 6 ounce steer hide. I sand casted it and it is now hard and will hold it's shape. It is also handstitched with heavy duty waxed thread.

NOTE***** This charger is in excellent condition. There is no rust or wear at all. It could pass for new except for the beautiful "PATINA". I do polish the brass chargers I have, but not steel. The patina is part of the excitement of an antique such as this. Also, the adjustment
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