Black Rapid RS-Sport L Extreme Sport Strap for Left-Handed Photographers

This BlackRapid Left R-Strap is for the active photographer. With an ergonomic fit and a Brad this strap keeps your camera close during your most extreme adventures.
Designed for active shooters
Integrated BRAD under arm tether
Ergonomic Left-Handed Camera Strap
Designed to carry heavy professional gear comfortably
Unique shoulderpad shape built for optimal weight distribution
The BlackRapid Sport - L is a camera strap designed for the active, left-handed photographer. The integrated underarm stabilizer holds the shoulder pad in position on the right shoulder. Perfect for the photographer who climbs a mountain, skis down a glacier, or takes photos while riding their mountain bike.
The main difference between the Sport and the Sport Slim is the width of the shoulder pad.
Additionally, the strap includes a FastenR (FR-3) and ConnectR (CR-2).
• Topside: Polyester Base with Ballistic Paneling • Underside: 1cm thick TPE Foam Pad with fused Knitted Polyester Mesh
• Strap length with pad: 167.5cm
• Length of shoulder pad: 41cm
• Width of shoulder pad: 5.5cm-9.5cm • Width of webbing: 2.5cm
• Length of underarm Brad: 50.5cm