Black Red White Green Lunatic Elyon 10 Book TED DEKKER

10 Ted Dekker Books

Black... Red... White... Green


Chosen.. Infidel..Renegade.. Chaos.. Lunatic... Elyon

The Circle #0,1,2 and 3 and 6 Lost Books

Ted Dekker

10 Book Set - Christian Fiction (3 paperbacks and 7 hardcover)

BRAND NEW - may have small reaminder mark

Black: Chased through the streets of Denver by mysterious assailants, Thomas Hunter is shot---and endowed with a strange new power. Suddenly his dreams are as vivid as waking reality. Can he distinguish truth from fiction before it's too late?

Red: The mind-bending pace of Black accelerates in Red , Book Two of Ted Dekker's groundbreaking Circle trilogy. Less than a month ago, Thomas Hunter was a failed writer selling coffee at the Java Hut in Denver. Now he finds himself in a desperate quest to rescue two worlds from collapse. In one world, he's a battle-scarred general commanding an army of primitive warriors. In the other, he's racing to outwit sadistic terrorists intent on creating global chaos through an unstoppable virus.

White: In this final installment of Ted Dekker's ground-breaking Circle trilogy, Thomas Hunter has only days to survive two separate realms of danger, deceit, and destruction. The fate of both worlds now rests on his unique ability to shift realities through his dreams, carry out
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