Black Trikke 8 T8 All Air 3 Wheeled Carving Scooter

This Trikke has been well maintained and rides perfectly. The frame is straight and true, allow incredibly deep carving, and sharp fast turns. All tires are in good condition, all bearings have been upgraded to faster high precision bearings. Grips are in new condition. All cambering parts and joints have been lubricated and function smoothly. This Trikke has been owned by a Trikke enthusiast and is in top working condition.
Trikkes that sit around and are not used get stiff in the cambering system, making them difficult to ride. The plastic washers get brittle and crack. A well maintained Trikke carves and rides as good as a new one. Be cautious when purchasing a used Trikke - if an adult has let the Trikke coast backwards down a hill, the frame will bend (wishbone) and is ruined. More than half of all used Trikkes I've looked at have bent frames. A bent frame does not allow proper riding or carving, and renders the Trikke basically useless because it is very expensive and time consuming to replace a bent frame.
Everything works properly and is in top function condition. This is Trikke Tech's most popular model, and has the best ride and maneuverability. It folds down flat and can fit in virtually any vehicle, or on a luggage rack. Amazing fitness and tremendous fun. For more information on Trikkes, see my Trikke page
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