BlackHawk: BH0108, The West, Custer's Last Stand - US Bugler on the ground

Black Hawk Toy Soldiers
US Bugler Laying on the Ground - BH0108

The American West Collections

From the dusty seat of a wild stagecoach ride, to the angry hills of Little Big Horn, Black Hawk Toy Soldiers captures the spirit of the American West like no other miniatures have. Figures are produced in limited productions are sure to sell out quickly. Included in Black Hawk's Western selection are figures from these collections:
- Black Hawk City
- Custer's Last Stand
- OK Corral
- The Cowboys
- The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid
- The Indians
- The Overland Stage Coach

--- Custer's Last Stand ---

Scout reports suggested Indians were moving toward the Little Bighorn River. Brig. Gen. Alfred Terry, leading Custer -who had extreme difficulty in keeping command of the Seventh Cavalry- polished plans with Col. John Gibbon aboard the steamboat Far West, unaware that Brig. Gen. George Crook’s column had battled Cheyenne and Sioux warriors at Rosebud Creek and fallen back.

On June 22, Terry ordered Custer to take his men -about 600 soldiers plus packers and Indian scouts- up Rosebud Creek to the northern end of the Little Bighorn Valley. Terry and Gibbon hoped to reach the northern end by June 26. ‘Don’t be greedy, Custer, but wait for us’, Gibbon told the younger officer.
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