BlackHawk: FW0305, The West, OK Corral - I'm Hit! (Virgil Earp)

Black Hawk Toy Soldiers
The American West Collection

From the dusty seat of a wild stagecoach ride, to the angry hills of Little Big Horn, Black Hawk Toy Soldiers captures the spirit of the American West like no other miniatures have. Figures are produced in limited productions are sure to sell out quickly. Included in Black Hawk's Western selection are figures from these collections:
- Black Hawk City
- Custer's Last Stand
- OK Corral
- The Cowboys
- The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid
- The Indians
- The Overland Stage Coach

--- Gunfight at the OK Corral ---

The famous gunfight at the O.K. Corral is surely a great example of the decisive role played by the movie industry in building up popular myths. Starting with the John Ford epic "My Darling Clementine", the subject would be revisited by many others films recreating the famous feud between the "law" and the "outlaws." These terms were vaguely defined at the time. That feud inevitably ended in an approximately 30 second gunfight at about 3:00 pm on October 26, 1881 in a remote little mining town in Arizona called Tombstone.

Even though many accounts on this gunfight have been written over the years, the reasons for the fight remain rather foggy still today. Basically, it was the result of harsh enmity between three brother clans: the Earps
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