Blackhawk made padded pistol belt

This auction is for 1 (one) Blackhawk made padded pistol belt. Made for ALICE clips, but you can fit the MOLLE straps in it too.

OD green

Large size

This came from a SOF OEF/OIF vet.

These are used by US conventional and SOF forces in OIF/OEF;

I got this from a Special Forces NCO

I have decided to thin my collection, I'm going to collect only US Army Special Forces 1952-today. So in the next month I will be listing more items (I have many extra SOF and regular Army (82nd, 2nd ID, 4th ID. 1st ID) OIF/OEf related items. Winners of auction will be forwarded a copy of my large extras list. Winner pays shipping. I accept Paypal, $$$$ or Money orders. I will ship overseas. I collect US Special Forces 1942-today (I'm looking for the following: Korean War-SOF items (UNPIK, UNPFK, Army Unit 8240...etc, 1950's Special Forces items, Vietnam era-Project Delta, Gamma. Sigma and Omega items, US T-7/10 parachute, 1950-60's "Chippewa" Mountain boots,1960's dated jump boots and US Special Forces in El Salvador) I WILL SHIP OVERSEAS