Blackpool Lecture notes 2007 mentalism magic

Blackpool 2007 Lecture Notes by Ian Rowland

As most of you know, Blackpool is the largest magic convention in the world. Ian was invited to lecture at this year's Blackpool Convention, and he created a brand new lecture for the occasion. These are the corresponding Lecture Notes.

Actually, these 'Lecture Notes' are a 40 page book with sturdy laminated cover. The book is professionally litho printed so that the photographs are clear, T are 99 photographs and illustrations, so the explanations are crystal-clear and easy to follow .

Everyone who has seen these Lecture Notes has praised the high production values. Please note: these Lecture Notes are complete and self-contained - you do not need to have seen the lecture to read, follow and understand all the great material inside.

So what do you get? The book is in two parts. Part One is devoted to mentalism , specifically close-up and informal mentalism. Part Two is devoted to original card sleights and tricks that put them to good use.

Content In detail:

Can You Read Minds? : What do you do if someone asks if you can realIy read minds? T are many options, but I think this routine is one of the finest. It's very simple and direct , and an absolutely sure way to win and hold attention (you will have to read the patter to see why it works
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