Black's Guide Book for Tourists. England. Published 1869. Many Maps and Charts.

This is a copy of Black's Guide to England and Wales, dated 1869.

The hard cover book measures 7.25" x 4.75". It contains 42 maps, charts and plans of towns.

Of these number 22, the map of Liverpool, is missing, also the map of England at the back of

the book.

There are 10 views, and of these the view of Snowdon is missing.

The book is a bit loose in the binding, and at some time the front and back pages have been

restuck in with wide tape. There is also some foxing.

I have seen quite a few of the Black's guides on e-bay for separate counties, but not one for the

whole country.

It's a heavy book, so I will send it by 2nd class postage. Any potential International buyer please

note that postage will be quite high.