Blacksmith Made Tomahawk

Blacksmithing is the oldest craft known in mans history.

The craft uses the four elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

By using traditional techniques this and other fine weapons are built.

Made in Texas by Dragons fire forge

each one is hand forged on the blacksmith anvil from high carbon steel

making each one a unique and functional work and tfore may vary from the photo.

After forging the hawk it is ground to its finish state then the decorative file work is done.

The completed hawk is then heated to its austenitic temperature

and then quenched for the hardening phase. A selective tempering

process is used to draw the temper of the hawk leaving the blade edge

hard enough to take and hold a sharp edge. A brushed brass finish is applied to

the Hawk to give it a dull goldish sheen. The handle is scorched at

ether end, sanded and then several coats of danish oil applied to protect and seal it.

Must be 18 or older to purchase.

The length is approximately 18 3/4" overall blade length is approximately 8 1/2"

Payment for our U.S. customers, we accept Paypal, Cheeks and M/O

(Note all cheeks and M/O must clear before we ship.)

For our International customers we accept Paypall only.

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