Blacksmith Post Drill With Chuck Key Silver Mfg. Co.

This is a blacksmith's post drill, made by the Silver Mfg. Co. of Salem Oregon USA it states this on one side of the drill and on the other is the model. It is an Advance No. 12, this is a very large post drill. It is the largest one I have had so far and that is quite a few. It weighs 105 pounds with the board it's attatched to. It stands 44 in. tall not including board. At max drilling distance you could have something 14 1/2 in wide between the drill bit and the u shaped platform and 13 1/4 in. with the round platform in place. You can remove or swing aside the round platform for different needs. The platform assy slides up and down on the 1 1/2 in. thick steel tube attatched to drill body. The drill is equipped with a self feed mechanism that is adjustable as to rate of feed, this feature works very well. The flywheel is 18" in diameter and solid steel. This is one serious post drill. I have a post drill mounted to the work bench in my shop and have hooked an electric motor to run it. They are an impressive operating piece of American ingenuity. This Post Drill includes the drill chuck key and 3 drill bits. The sizes are 5/8, 11/16, and 3/4. Very rarely do you ever find one with the drill chuck key. This is a no reserve auction I cleaned this post drill with a wire wheel, I have completely disassembled it and cleaned and oiled ... read more