Blacksmith Tools Antique Peter Wright 127# Anvil Forge

This is very old blacksmith anvil probably late 1800's to early 1900's. Clearly marked: Peter Wright Patent Solid Wrought. This was made in England as I understand it. Also has a stamped number sequence of 1 0 16. I believe that stamping is the actual weight at time of manufacture according to the stone system. I think it translates into about 128 pounds. Its actual weight is probably 123- 135 or so as a guess. Unit has been used of course but does not appear to be cracked or broken. Excellent rebound with good clear crisp extended ring. 1" hardy hole with approx 5/8" pritchel. The face steel certainly has some wear but should be good for another 100 years. Nice sized anvil. Not so heavy you can't move it and not so small it moves all over creation. 23" long, 10" high, 4 1/4" wide face. T is one hardy that was with the anvil when I got it off the old farm. It stays with the anvil. I have had blacksmiths tell me that the Peter Wrights are the best anvils out t I am not an expert and am just passing along what I was told. I can store for up to 6 months if need be, until you can get into this area of NE Iowa. I would prefer pick up in NE Iowa. Anvil is located approximately 45 minutes north of Waterloo, IA. Come pick it up and check out my selection of forges, blowers, leg vises, post drills, odd tong tools, etc.. that are also for ... read more