Blackstar HT 1R amplifier ( inc' Roqsolid amp cover )

Here we have for sale the vlave practice amp by Blackstar model HT1R ( reverb model) ...this item is 6 weeks old and comes with its box and all its included accessories (mains cable,handbook,sticker,warranty card,and informative label for suggested settings)... see photo.
I kept everything for one simple reason....I have tried to take up the guitar just a bit too late in life and after 6 weeks of struggling I know I'm just not cut out for it mid life crisis if you want...and so I kept half an eye on keeping everything ready for resale.
the item is mint / not a mark in sight. ....I had my guitar lessons at home (this was the amp my teacher recommended).
innovative 1 watt valve amp (1 x EC83 and 1 x ECC82) It has two channels...clean and overdrive An infinite shape feature which radicaly changes the EQ on the amp Reverb (stereo when using headphones) Headphone/emulated output (ideal for practicing without annoying the family...and also for recording) Extension speaker output (can be linked to a 2 x 12 or 4 x 12 cab...some great footage on You Tube of this being done) Super sturdy leather carry handle
my wife was sure I'd take to this guitar thing like a duck to water and so she bought me a Roqsolid amp cover to go with it (this is included in my sale ...see photo's behind the amp)..Roqsolid make
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