C.I.A.--Blackwater--N.S.A. Covert Team Mission 2" Challenge Coin

Covert Mission Team Commemorative Challenge Coin
This Challenge Coin was issued by the CIA to commorate the covert team work done between the CIA, Blackwater and the N.S.A.
It is a 1 3/4 inch coin done in 3 dimension on both sides.
On the front it bears the logo of Blackwater, the CIA and the NSA. On the back at the bottom it bears the words,
N.S.A. * Covert Team * CIA
Above this within a shield it lists the core values upon which this team work is based. (Excellence, Efficiency, Execution, and Teamwork.
At the top it bears the words, Innovation Begins with Experience.
These teams usually work as NOC Officers and Agents.
Meaning NO Official Cover.
NOC Agents and Officers, know that if captured or killed while on assignment, the CIA, NSA or Blackwater and the U.S.Govt. will deny all knowledge of the Agent. Payments are set to use MC, VISA and Discover Credit Cards.