BLAKE GRIFFIN Clippers 2009 Studio Skylines rookie BGS BCCG 10 MINT !!

Winning buyer will receive the card described in the item title, a rookie card of Los Angeles Clippers superstar forward BLAKE GRIFFIN . Griffin may have won the slam dunk competition, but he's much more than that. After being drafted #1 overall in 2009, he was injured during the preseason and sat out all of 2009-2010. Fully healed, Griffin has justified his overall #1 pick status this year by averaging 20+ points and 10+ rebounds a game. It's only a matter of time before the Clippers turn it around...and Griffin will be leading the charge! Note that the picture is a scan used for informational purposes and may or may not be the serial number pictured but you are guaranteed the same rookie card with the same BCCG 10 MINT final grade!!

This card has been professionally graded a BCCG 10 (which is MINT or better!!), the highest grade possible given by Beckett Collectors Club Grading, a service of Beckett Grading Services, the top grading service in the sports card industry. Why buy a graded card by either Beckett Grading Services (BGS/BCCG) or PSA? Because Beckett and PSA are the top two 3rd party grading companies in the collectibles industry. Why buy a graded card in the first place? Because if you want your card to appreciate in value, the condition of the card is very important. Having the card sealed in the case &
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