Blakely Oil & Gas ARIZONA Placemats (2) - & Bonus

Blakely Oil and Gas Advertising items (and boosters for the state of Arizona!) from the 1960's. Blakely gave away coupons (kinda like S & H green stamps!) when someone bought gas at their stations, and the coupons were redeemable for various items - like these placemats! (Check out 2 coupons also up for auction now)
The background is cream colored, and has "Arizona Saguaro Cactus" printed in blue under a desert scene of a saguaro. (The Saguaro is the Arizona state symbol and its flowers the Arizona state flower. It grows up to 50' high in the Sonoran desert, and can live up to 200 years.) In each of the 4 corners are pictures of 4 other cacti - Century Plant, Barrel Cactus, Ocotillo Cactus, and Yucca Plant, with the names printed in blue underneath their picture. The back is printed in a linen-like design with cream borders. These placemats came laminated in plastic. They have been used some, and the high gloss is off the plastic. T is a small water mark in the lower right corner of one. But t are no bends or creases, and the plastic is fully intact. The colors are vivid and clear.
BONUS - also included 4 advertising pages from the "Arizona Days and Ways Magazine" 2/11/62 issue. Advertisers include the Bank of Tucson and Phoenix Motor Co (Mercedes Benz dealer). Also a small article by Sen. Barry Goldwater.