blasting machine, exploder, dynamite, detonator, miners

Up for auction is a Fidelity Electric Company 30 cap explosive detonator made apparently for the U.S Enginners Corp. I bought this thing as a curiousity over twenty years ago at an antique shop in Houston. Serial # 296 is stamped inside the case. Appears to made of Oak, with dovetailed joints at top and bottom. Two sides are removeable. I unscrewed both sides for photos. Inside are wires, gears, and what looks like a round generator. Plunger works smoothly and spins gears which I suppose generate electricity to fire the blasting caps. Seems to be assembled with slotted brass screws (one screw missing). Brass terminals on top are in excellent condition. Apprears to have original leather carrying strap attached with small slotted screws. Strap has surface age cracks, but is still strong and functional. Wooden case is 5 1/2 X 8 X 11 1/2 inches, and in nice condition with no apparent cracks in wood. I have no idea regarding how old this thing is. I have no way of testing. It weighs a little over twenty pounds, so I will advise auction winner of UPS charges when I get their ZIP code. I assume from others sold on Ebay, shipping could be in the $20+ to $30+ dollar range.

No sales outside the Lower 48 United States.