Blazer Arrow Vanes Bohning 2" White/Yellow Tiger Pk 45

You are bidding on 45 new in pkg. 2" Solid/Tiger Striped Vanes Combo of 15 White and 30 Neon Yellow Tiger Stripe plastic parabolic cut Blazer Vanes from Bohning. Their revolutionary new, Blazer Broadhead Vane has changed the way archer's think about arrow guidance, especially with fixed-blade broadheads. The combination of the steep leading edge angle, and material stiffness, enables the air to flow over the vane in a manner that actually lift and leaves the tip of each vane inside disturbed air. They act like a rudder and enables a flatter trajectory for a longer distance. This gives you 3 extra cock vanes and 6 extra reg. vanes in case you need them.

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