A Huge 1-Carat Solitaire Diamond! Just Incredible Fire & Sparkle! Exquisite Tiffany Diamond Setting! Don’t Miss This One!!!

I’ve acquired this amazing jumbo diamond ring from the estate of a wealthy Greenwich CT heiress. This is such a highly sparkling natural mined diamond.. the world will be in awe of such blazing fire, as you can see even in the pics!

This is a natural mined genuine diamond solitaire. This dazzling diamond has been professionally graded at fabulously high fire H;SI1, which means it is an eye clean highly valuable stone that sparkles with ultimate brilliance! This fabulous brilliant cut diamond is perched 7mm above the finger in this breathtaking and classic vintage Tiffany diamond setting, w graceful solid white gold prongs present this 1-Carat stone to reflect light to the max and permit your viewers to see right down to the cutlet! This is because it is a full cut fabulous high carat, high grade, high fire, clean brilliant diamond and this setting maximizes the importance and full dazzling fire of the stone!! The sparkling impact is commanding & completely elegant! A lifetime of compliments is guaranteed. Look at this superb diamond!!

This big and super luxurious 1-Carat Diamond is set in a yellow gold ring size 7 1/4 (easily adjustable up or down by your jeweler if need be). It weighs

An elegant, high caliber and consummately feminine Diamond Solitaire Ring priced like this is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. My good customers know that the diamonds I sell are all natural mined stones, never synthetic and never enhanced. This means long term investment value that will never end, while you enjoy the privilege and excitement of showing off such a high grade spectacular diamond solitaire!!! I urge you to shop around and to read on to see why you’ll never find a price this low anyplace on eBay or the entire Internet and just how you can win!

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So, ’s the How part:

I know that many out t don’t like to negotiate a price. (Frankly, neither do I) That’s why I’ve made my Buy-It-Now Listings style listings a bit different and as easy as possible. T are 2 easy ways to win…

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2- Just put in a “Best Offer” at the provided link. You’ll know immediately by automated reply if it meets the minimum. If not, you get to try again!! Now, ’s a big hint: I’m liquidating a lot of extremely high end diamond pieces right now and, as I said, I don’t like play games. So as long as the offer price you enter meets the minimum and nobody else presents a higher offer before you do, I will accept even the minimum offer in the system immediately . (As I said, I don’t play games and wait until the end of the auction for all the highest possible offers to come in, as most sellers are doing.) That’s why these Best Offer Items have been going so quickly. That’s also why, by getting your bid in early, you’ll get the lowest possible price on these extraordinary pieces.

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