Bleach Anime Ulquiorra Cifer Zanpakuto Sword Costume

Presenting the Sword of Ulquiorra Cifer

This another fantastic collector sword from the Japanese Anime series, Bleach. This replica of Ulquiorra Cifer's sword is approximately 40 inches in overall length. The blade is satin finish, carbon steel just over 27 inches in length. The blade carries a slight edge but is not razor sharp. The saya that houses this beautiful blade is 100% wood that is finished with a high gloss black laquer. The handle (tsuka) is nearly 10 inches long with a metal kashira done in an antique brass finish. The tsuba (guard) is also antique brass finished metal and is designed to look exactly the one carried by Ulquiorra Cifer in the series. This sword is full-tang as evidenced by the bamboo pegs that can be seen under the brown nylon handle wrapping. Further, the tsuka is wood over the tang, covered with imitation same (ray skin). The handle wrap is done in the traditional Japanese plait style. Approximately 1/4 of the way down the saya is a decorative ring with bats formed in relief around its circumference (murcielago can be translated as, bat). Tied to this ring is a cotton bow with streamers which match the color of the handle wrap.

About Ulquiorra Cifer...

He is the Cuarta Espada, as signified by the number 4 tattooed on his chest. He is stoic in appearance, rarely changing even
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