Beautiful Blenko Very Limited Custom Water Bottle Clover in Spring #7

Here we have a full sized Blenko water bottle in the custom color combination of spring green and white. Stunning! We placed a large order with Blenko for custom bottles- we collectors have run out of bottles! The bottles are very limited in quantity. This color combination has the second largest number of bottles made, but there were still only a total of 23 so it is still extremely limited! I can't imagine they will ever be part of the production line as they are more costly and time consuming to make and harder to achieve consistency. So, they are always going to be quite limited and thus collectible! We all know the Blenko 384 Water Bottle never goes out of style!

As with all hand blown glass items, each piece may contain irregularities- small bubbles or small inclusions are common in handcrafted glass. Please pay attention to the pictures as they are part of the description.

This is the full sized bottle- about 8" tall, 6" wide, 3" deep. It has Blenko 2015 stamped on the bottom and the Blenko label. You will receive the actual item pictured. The numbered labels are for us to match to the auction only.

If you ever have an opportunity, please stop by and visit the Blenko factory. Great people work there making this beautiful glass. Handcrafted glass is a dying art- let's help support them in every way possible!
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