Bleuette Jumeau Premiere 9 11 Inch Doll Reproduction JN PPW Candy Anderson!!!!!!

Bleuette Jumeau Premiere 9 1905 11” Wood Seeley Mold Pale Blond Mohair

Blue PPW Eyes -- MINT -- Artist C. Anderson

This wonderful little girl with the sweetest smile is a beautiful Jumeau Premiere Bleuette 9 1905 11”. She is handmade and beautifully painted by award winning Doll Artisan, Candy Anderson. She is from the Seeley Premiere mold and poured in Seeley Lady White porcelain. Bleuette has a beautiful soft pale blond mohair wig. It has bangs, a center part and long loose curls. Leila has multi-stroke brows, painted upper and lower lashes and blue hard glass PPW eyes. She has an open mouth with 4 inset white porcelain teeth. She also has a little dimple in her chin. She is on a Global wooden body that has 11 joints. She is wearing white lace trimmed pantalettes. She is signed on her neck by the artist. She is a perfectly beautiful girl and in perfect condition, MINT—never has been displayed.