Bleuette Jumeau Premiere 9 1905 11 Inch Doll Reproduction JN PPW M. Baughman!!!!

Bleuette Jumeau Premiere 9 1905 11” Auburn HH Brown PPW Vintage Dress COA MINT -- Artist: M. Baughman

This exquisite Bleuette Jumeau Premiere French Antique Repro is made from the first Premiere Jumeau mold issued. She is handmade by M. Baughman, with over 26 years of doll making experience and the winner of many awards. Bleuette has a delicate complexion, large beautiful brown glass paperweight eyes, beautiful feathered long lashes, and a hint of a smile at the corners of her mouth. Bleuette’s RARE** hair color auburn handmade human hair wig is parted on the side, and done in a long bob style. She has an open mouth with four porcelain teeth. She has pierced ears with earrings of aquamarine Swarovski crystals and tiny gold beads. She is wearing a vintage white cotton dress with hand done embroidery and vintage lace. The dress has a very high, baby doll waistline and three rows of lace at the hem. The outfit includes white lace trimmed panties. She is poured in Seeley Lady White porcelain. She has a Certificate of Authenticity , which is numbered Limited Edition #18 of 36, and is dated and signed. She is perfect, MINT and has never been displayed. **Her wig is a OOAK prototype wig with blended colors to really look like human hair. This is noted on the COA also.