Bleuette Kneipp Styled Sandals

Bleuette Kneipp Styled Sandals
[Kneipp sandals were popular with Bleuette and seem to have first appeared in the winter catalogue of 1927 .
Bleuette of course had to follow the healthy trend recommended by Sebastian Kneipp whose 'healthy walking' programmes could well be followed today!
. The spelling of the name varies throughout French publications but the German version is Kneipp!]
Thisauction is for ONE pair of antique white coloured leather Kneipp Styled Sandalswith traditional eyelets and buckles for Bleuette. These sandals fit the wood and composition Asian body and also other bodies including "JN" as some know the composition by! The sole measures approximately 40mm in length and 23mm across the widest part of toes. This allows for socks. In a discussion with Samy Odin I discovered that the original Kneipps did not have marked soles - true to authenticity, mine do not have the "B" marking. All my shoes are hand cut and hand made using beautiful soft leather. I have been making footwear for top doll artists for many years and I am confident that you will be happy with my museum quality work.
POSTAGE - You will notice that I have specified a flat rate of postage anywhere in the world. This is the minimum amount available and will post up to 5 pairs of Kneipps per package so if you are the lucky
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