Blind Horse Knives / BHK Knife / Pack Horse Knife with Leather Sheath

Blind Horse Knives (BHK) thePack Horse Knife

It was the June 2012 Monthly Special,the Pack Horse!

BHK made out of a piece of 3/16" thick O1 tool steel 10.5" long and create an heirloom quality work piece. The blade is 5.5" long

with a 4.75" handle. BHK chose a 1.5" blade width and used the big brass lined lanyard tubing. The Pack Horse Knife has a saber grind

with a secondary convex sharpened edge for superior strength and edge retention. Manufactured for very easy to re-sharpen using a

strop or fine sandpaper on a mouse pad. Both will "give" a little to conform to our convex edge.

Knife Specs

10.5" long

5.5" blade length

4.75" handle length

1.5" blade width

3/16" thick 0-1

3/8" lanyard

12.3 oz. (knife only)

15.9 oz. (in sheath)

Big fisheye bolts

Maroon bead-blasted Micarta Leather Sheath from JRE-Custom Sheaths with FireSteel Loop!!! COLOR: see all photos. White small specs on handle......came off, I did not notice them during photo taking.
I am making my husband sell some of his toys and safe queens!!!
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