Bloch MB-152 , scale 1/72, HAND – BUILT AND FINISHED MODEL

Bloch MB-152 , scale 1/72
The real and the current state of the model is in the photos. M anufacturer's model is not definitely ascertained. INFORMATION FOR BUYER: In the coming weeks I will offer here the another collection of old models - - which will include about 500 pieces .They are models of military and civilian aircraft. Models are hand-made, including color camouflage and decals. Models are built from 15 to 45 years ago!
These models from the WWI and WWII, various manufacturers (REVELL, AIRFIX, HELLER, FROG, Matchbox, Czech production – SMER and KP and others in the scale 1 / 72, 1 / 48, 1 / 32, 1 / 100
I look forward to your interest and participation in auctions ! Please note ! I'm not an expert - I can not accurately assess the level of processing of the assembled model. For each auction is one and more realistic images available for this model. You see exactly that - what you are buying at auction! The available information is given in the auction description. Manufacturer original kits can not accurately identify - formed over a long time period. Information for Buyers ! 1 . Shipping: Europe and the World Approximate price for a small model in the EU: £ 4.50
OVERSEAS approximate price for a small model : £ 5.50
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