The bottom box is in good condition with NO broken corners, box browned from age and in very good condition for being over 50 years old ~ The box lid is in good condition with 3 corners very neatly repaired with tape and nice graphics. The Japan end cap has T.M. after Barbie and 1959 on the other end cap . On the top of the box to the left of the evening splendour outfit there is a crack on the edge - that does not take away from the beuty of the box lid. The liner is NOT original , the zebra swim suit is in very good condition with nice colors. The circled R booklet is in very good condition with a 2 and barbie neatly written across the top of the front page. All the pages of the bookler have nice bright colors, with some minor creasing and most pages has "check" marks on the corners of most of the pages. The white frame sunglasses with blue lens and Japan black open toed shoes are in very good condition. The #3 blond Barbie is in very good condition with most of her body turned white , with Barbie on her bottom very nice and raised letters not worn. Barbier's body smells like crayons and all her joints are tight with 99% of her finger and toe polish. Her ear ring holes are dark with NO green and dark red lipstick and nostril paint . Her eye lids have some rubs and her right eye brow is half rubbed off. Her lovely full head of

ALL international customers postage includes registered mail for extra safety. I will be happy to combine ship but NEED to be contacted before first auction ends. CERTAIN OVER SEAS COUNTRIES MAYBE EXEMPT FOR MAILING WITH REGISTERED MAIL -

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