Blood Chit as worn by the Flying Tigers Original

This is a ORIGINAL Blood Chit the Flying Tigers were the first to use this type.This is not from the AVG theirs cost a small fortune and are next to impossible to find. However this is not a reproduction. This was issued from Washington most likely for the 14th AF flying in that ttheater several AVG pilots went to different units after the AVG disbanded. You can see that this Blood Chit comes off the jacket some pilots wore them on the outside some on the inside. The number is a low number early issue more valuable. Everything is in order as it should be for this Blood Chit IT'S A GEM. If you get this ORIGINAL Blood Chit from me for under $200.00 you got quite the bargain You should not have to pay over What it is worth about $500.00 for this ORIGINAL yes i capitialize that because t are so many fakes this is the real deal. Silk front linen back, ask questions i will do my best to answer them i will respond within 24hrs. Insurance is included in the shipping price.