Blown Glass Art Wine Glass Signed Opalescent Winecup

Blown Glass Wine Cup with a golden reddish tan interior and beige lower body, with twilight blue, burnt red, yellow, white, and shades of golden adobe. Nice webbing effects, and a very nice raised/rolled lower edge to the draped applications of molton glass. Very nice tactile qualities and a beautiful shape. This beautiful wine cup measures 3-1/4" high, 2-7/8" diameter at the widest part, and 2-1/4" across the top. As with all my wine cups, the natural punty mark is recessed slightly in the base. The punty mark is a wonderful mark of it's being handmade, an important part of it's creation, the point w it was joined for it's development then separated. Just like belly buttons, and just as most people don't remove their belly buttons, I leave the punty marks. New, Perfect cond. Signed Watson.

Perfect for a Special Gift or to keep yourself. These wine cups are so much more interesting to hold and to drink from than traditional wine glasses. Try one for a different experience and you'll see. Most of my wine cups are fairly similar in size to a wine glass bowl section, just without the stem and foot.

I believe my winecups to be very unusual and unique. They each have their own personality, and are very comfortable to hold. It is a very different, pleasurable experience to drink wine from one of these cups. Of course, even
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