Rare BLUE 1954 Giants National League Pennant

Well, here's another example of my "STUFF" that I can't take when I move. You are looking at a 1954 NY Giants baseball pennant when they won the National League. I'm sure you have seen the RED pennant, I have that too, but when was the last time you saw a BLUE 1954 scroll pennant with the ball players next to the scroll of names. The BLUE color is beautiful. Oh you have to be a baby boomer, like me, to remember Willie Mays,Sal Maglie, Joe Garagiola (yes they mispelled his name),Bobby Thompson, Jonnie Antonelli and Alvin Dark. My wife just does not understand the history. So again, my loss is someone's gain. Well now for the important stuff. After 58 years this pennant is as close to excellent as you can get. It was never folded, ironed or pinned to a wall. My father saw to that. I forget when the plastic sleaves came out, but it has been in that as long as I can remember. Tassles are intact, although they show some color loss from sticking out of the sleave. Point at the end is sharp. All white lettering is clean and stain free. However, you have to look good, the bottom of the "G" in Giants shows a slight fold in the printing process. This pennant is simply the nicest pennant of its age. I have never shipped a pennant, but I believe the best way is between 2 cardboard backers to prevent folding and keep the tassels straight. Good ... read more