Blue Amberol Cylinder Record -'Let Us Not Forget'

This is a nice clean example of a 4 minute Edison Blue Amberol Record that is the only commercial recording of Thomas Alva Edison's voice. This is the rare issue that has a band playing the Star Spangled Banner after Edison's speech, (another issue did not have music). The record is in beautiful condition. It plays loud and clear and fits perfect on the mandrel. Let me quote what the Amberola Monthly printed in May 1919:

Record No . 3756 Let Us Not Forget - A Message to the American People

Thomas A. Edison

"You will be thrilled by hearing this reproduction of the voice of the man who has been acclaimed the greatest living American. Mr. Edison's message is one that certainly should form the basis of every Amberola owner's record library - the voice of the man whose genius made all your other wonderful records possible."

This comes with an original box and with a replaced lid. Net weight is 4 ounces. This is a MUST HAVE cylinder for any good collection!